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Office of Physical Activities is responsible for the design and instruction of courses in physical education. In order to graduate, all National Pingtung University undergraduates are required to take four semesters of physical education courses that meet two hours each week, although academic credit is given for two of the semesters. The curriculum for physical education consists of both classroom learning and basic exercise athletic skills training. In addition, students are encouraged to organize teams for intercollegiate competition or for intramural sporting events such as track and field, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, swimming, skating, gymnastics, etc.

Office of Physical Activities is also in charge of organizing and facilitating the university’s athletic activities as well as managing all athletic fields and sports facilities on campus. It bases its teaching objectives on students’ multiple interests in order for them to develop lifelong exercise habits. Through the office’s educational efforts, teachers help to build up students’ sense of teamwork and positive attitudes toward life, as well as promote their health, intellectual  development and well-cultured personalities.